Saturday, August 3, 2013

Through Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven, through God's grace, our sins are forgotten!

Today on the way into work I stopped to pray before starting my day. The phrase that came to mind was this, "Through Christ our sins are forgiven, Through God's grace our sins are forgotten".

I have been studying the books of Acts and Romans as they to me, are the beginning of what we know as the Church. I have been studying these books as we are going through a transition at our church, moving from a building that is financially keeping us from ministering to people, as we are strapped to the note. In this transition it has been made real to me how much we need to emphasize what Christ has done for us, and how God sees us, more than anything else!

Jesus died on the cross, paying the sin debt God knew we could never pay. What that has done for us, most people don't even realize. You see most people in the world today, when you ask what Jesus death on the cross represents, will tell you that  it saves us from eternal damnation. This is true, but it is only part of the story. Jesus death not only paid the price for our sin, but it opened us up to the relationship God intended when he made mankind.

Up til that time, when God looked at man, he saw the sin and corruption that we were born into, because of Adam's transgression. After Jesus' death, God gave us a way to Him through his Son Jesus Christ, that whosoever call on the name of Jesus shall be saved.

But what does that mean? What were we saved from? What were we saved for? That is where Christ sacrifice, in my opinion gets diluted. Many people have been taught once we are saved we are just waiting for Christ to return. That is not entirely true, even though we are all looking forward to His return, we have been given much more than a promised return. We are seen as Christ through God's eyes, our spirits have been reborn, no longer slaves to the things of our past, we are renewed!

Not born of the sin that our flesh was made part of, but a spiritual rebirth into God's holy kingdom as children of the most high God. We are seen as Righteous, Holy,  and Beloved, through the price Jesus paid for our sins.

Through Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven, through God's grace, our sins are forgotten!


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